It’s my turn to host my university gang’s annual dinner, which has become something of a competition featuring 20 courses (at least it feels like that). Do I have to pair a wine with each?

I mean, if you’re a masochist then sure, do it. Whatever floats your boat, dude. Hey why don’t you make 40 courses and really show everyone who’s boss? 

But listen: unless your house also happens to be a Michelin star rated restaurant, no one is expecting a new pairing for every course. In fact, you can very easily get away with serving one type of white and one type of red. The key is to choose an easygoing, versatile representative of each colour – a fresh and crisp Italian Pinot Grigio in the white category, and a nice silky Merlot for red. And you don’t necessarily have to start with white and end with red. Sometimes I like to end with my whites as a palate refresher at the end of the meal, especially one as heavy as your 400 course meal. Which, by the way, I am invited to since we’re friends now. Thanks in advance!

Modello’s advice columnist Kathryn Borel is the author of Corked: A Memoir