Ricotta with Niagara Peaches and Prosciutto
From North & Navy Chef Adam Vettorel

In Venice, one of the most common cicchetti recipes is the blending of ricotta and a cured meat. Simple and delicious, it should become a staple for your dinner parties as well.  




Peaches (or another fruit, if not in season)



This cicchetti, like so many others, is served on a baguette. It’s important to cut the baguette thick enough that it can hold the toppings without losing its shape, but not so thick that your guests can’t fit them into their mouths. Also, if the baguette you buy is on the thinner side, cut it at an angle so that the pieces will have a larger surface area. As mentioned in the ingredients list, if peaches are not available, experiment with other fruits. We make our own ricotta at the restaurant, but store bought will work just fine. To assemble, start by spreading ricotta onto the sliced bread, then add the fruit, and finally, place the prosciutto on top. 


Adam Vettorel is the chef and co-owner of Ottawa’s North & Navy. Previously he was the chef du cuisine at the iconic Domus Cafe. He has been cooking in Ottawa for fifteen years. His interest in Northern Italian food comes from his father’s side of the family, who hail from Veneto.  



Bite is a biweekly feature on modellocanada.com, and is inspired by the Venetian tradition of serving cicchetti—small dishes to snack on with wine—at local bàcari